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Abatron produces some of the best molding and casting compounds available at our manufacturing facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We employ craftspeople and technicians experienced with creating custom and unique castings with exquisite detail, and utilize an updated sampling and testing laboratory to ensure that the standards you require are met.

Beginning with the description and dimensions of the model that you provide, we evaluate the best method to create castings and composites. Whether the project calls for the use of Abatron’s flexible mold making compounds to produce high strength, dimensionally stable molds with intricate details, or the precision of CNC fabrication, we are committed to delivering the premium results you need.

Choose from a variety of casting materials, including: epoxy, light-weight epoxy, plaster, concrete, fiberglass, foam, and more. We can also make recommendations based on the intended use of the casting and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to.
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